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System App Remover PRO tiny app for remove system app ,like google play ,CALC ,maps…Support backup and restore.System App Remover sale $1.90(vaule this price) ,now you can download it free.

Note: the system is in security considerations, limits must have a root access to unload system app, we don’t provide root method, if your phone can’t root, please do not download!!!!

System App Remover
  • version: 3.5.1012
  • Size: 0.85 MB
  • Updata: 2015-09-25
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The  System App Remover PRO   Download Mobile Download

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Features:WHAT'S NEW
.System App Remover PRO Features- remove app you installed. system app/unloading/enable/disable app system backup app (backup to/sdcard/SystemAppBackup directory)

4. support to recover from/sdcard/System AppBackup directory has a backup app

5. Safe, we filter out all apps that might result in unstable just after uninstalled, and had tested a huge selection of devices, so you may use it safely, but we are able to not ensure that 100% protected as a result of producers may perhaps customized also considerably, also, we backup all app you uninstalled automatic, so you can restore them in Recycle Bin whenever you need;

6 Clear, All technique app as [Could remove], [Should keep], [Key module], so you could decide on what app to uninstall clearly;

7. Simple, Deliver esay method to unstall app .

8. Small, we release all memory allocated when app exit, AND this app 0.85MB

What is New OF The System App Remover PRO

1, Add uninstall suggestion;
2, Bug fix.

System App Remover PRO APK

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