Gaming Keyboards - What's Right For You?

gaming keyboards

If you are into computer games, then you have probably heard about gaming keyboards. They come in many different varieties and are great for different types of gamers. Those who are on a PC but also enjoy playing console games would do well to invest in a good gaming keyboard. The right type of keyboard will make all the difference between you and your friends when playing these types of games.


Gaming Keyboards with gaming pads are a popular type of keyboard that is bought by many people. These pads provide the extra buttons and space to use for extra functions that are found in a gaming environment. There are many different types of gaming keyboards that come with these pads built into them. The built in thumb and mouse buttons provide a very responsive gaming experience. When you are looking for something durable and comfortable to use, then this is definitely something that you will want to look into. You can even buy them with Cherry MX Black switches, which is renowned for their light tactile feel. Click here to more info.


LED gaming keyboards are very popular with gamers. These are popular because of their bright lighting, which allows you to see what key is being pressed. There are a variety of different types of gaming keyboards that come with built in LEDs. Some of these are Cherry MX Blue gaming keyboards that come with built in white lighting, allowing you to highlight the key that you are pressing. The built in red lighting feature is also very popular, allowing you to highlight all of the keys so you know exactly which key you are typing.


Full sized gaming keyboards are another option that you might want to consider. These are usually very big and bulky, and can take up quite a bit of space on your desk. If you are looking for something smaller, then mini gaming keyboards might be a better option for you. Mini gaming keyboards are typically only about three to four inches in size and can fit in your palms. They are very popular with those who are looking for something compact and lightweight.


The corsair k100 RGB Wireless keyboard by corsair is probably the most popular wireless gaming keyboard on the market. This keyboard has a really nice futuristic style to it and definitely is worth looking at. It has an LED light on the side, which makes it very easy to see what keys are being pressed. The wrist rest is quite comfortable, and it comes with a special wrist cap to prevent damage to your wrist from long hours of typing. The wrist pad is also a very nice addition and provides excellent comfort if you are going to be typing on it for any length of time.


As you can see, there are many different gaming keyboards available, and each has its pros and cons. Which one you choose depends entirely upon how much you plan on gaming, and whether you are more comfortable using a standard keyboard or one that uses mechanical switches. Most of the smaller keyboards, including the corsair k100 RGB Wireless, are very comfortable to type on, though some of the bigger ones may not feel as good as you would like. Once again, just keep in mind what you plan on using the keyboard for, and what your personal preference is.