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FPse for Android is the fastest and most compatible with PSOne processing device simulator, support hardware accelerated PS simulator WM strongest PS simulator, WM mobile phone game player for the PS FPse simulator is not strange, but for PSX4DROID PS One Android simulator platform established, should be a challenge for BUG, if you continue to PSX4DROID give up, try to believe that the FPse is a good choice.

FPse for android
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Features: WHAT'S NEW

FPse Features
FPse is in a position to render PSone games in high resolution by utilizing OpenGL which offers outstanding graphics!Take a appear to the Official Documentation to know needs and how it performs:http://www.fpsece.net/faq.htmlCreate an ISO image from your preferred games and enjoy playing them in your Android phone.FPse functions the following:
-Impressive UI which scan and draw covers games automatically!
-High efficiency
-High compatibility
-High sound top quality
-Real-time save states
-Audio track emulation (utilizing .cue files)
-Dynamically loadable Overlay Pads
-Guncon emulation
-Analog Stick emulation
-Compatible with G-Sensor, Touchscreen and Hardware keys
-Supports .img, .iso, .bin, .cue, .nrg , .mdf and .Z disc image formats
-Full Support for IcontrolPAD, BGP100,Zeemote (via Bluez IME)
– Complete native help for Xbox 360 pads, PS3 Sixasis pads and MOGA controllers!!
-OpenGL assistance through external plugin!
-Experimental LAN multi Players mode making use of two Android devices! Play with two players mode with games that wasn’t made for that! IE: Tekken3!
-Exclusive automatic cheats search engine.And a lot more impressive functions!In the new UI you are able to load and share covers and even compress games..

What is New OF The FPse

Suggestions as you type. Minor bug fixes

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