Using snippet manager for programming

Code snippets are an integral part of the development of any software. A lot of programmers, engineers, and computer science students often uses snippet manager for storing small fragments of code. It is very important because many applications have standard requirements and necessary functionality, so sometimes several snippets can come in handy.

It’s very convenient to develop a new application because you don’t need to write the same code manually. It is enough to change several variables and other elements to integrate the finished part of the system into the project.

That is why it is essential to choose the right one for the development environment. It will significantly simplify the subsequent work and allow each user to synchronize their code with other team members.

How to choose a snippet manager?

Several criteria are required for a proper application. First of all, it must save code snippets locally and remotely. Speaking of the Mac OS, it would be nice to see synchronization with the iCloud and GitHub gist. These options are available for SnipperApp 2 users.

The next aspect relates to working with code. Here is a list of SnipperApp 2 features that are critical for fast, comfortable, and efficient work:

  • Syntax highlighting;
  • The ability to customize tabs;
  • Tab size customization;
  • Dark and light themes;
  • Showing of line numbers;
  • GitHub Flavored Markdown.

It is not a complete list of what is in this snippet manager. Such functionality is essential. For comfortable work with code sections, a point thanks to such a program gives you full access to saving and editing the most common code fragments in your daily work.

Such automation of the process helps significantly speed up the development process. That's because you do not need to waste time with the same type of task and create the same code an infinite number of times.

GitHub Gist synchronization

This is another great way to save code snippets in the cloud. The fact is that in this way, you can quickly share your software developments with friends. You can also post separate sections of the code in the public domain. Convenient synchronization allows you to easily return to work on any device, wherever you are.

Such an option is an essential aspect of a snippet manager, especially if your work is connected with constant moving and changing locations. This application should work quickly; have a convenient interface for working with individual sections of code, and the ability to syntax highlighting. In this case, you get a convenient tool for creating separate blocks of code.