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ADV Screen Recorder is a screen recorder app for Android ,and can record voice only from microphone. with ADV Screen Recorder you can record your screen in a easy way.

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Features: WHAT'S NEW Use Video
ADV Screen Recorder informations

1. Recording with two engines,and you can Pause Recording
(ADV Screen Recorder with two engines (advance and default), pause recording when required, draw on the fly with your preferred color, or trim video . You may also use either the front of back camera even though cording and for complete customization of the video, you could freely set the text or banner according to what you wish to see around the screen.)
3. Draw on the fly together with your favorite color
4. Use Front or Back Camera while recording
5. Set your Text with complete customization
6. Set your Banner with full customization
7. Trim Video( You’ll be able to easily trim videos inside the app so you may preserve and show only the relevant parts on the video to your audience.)

What is New OF The ADV Screen Recorder

Version 1.5.0

Add Frame Rate Option
Add Stop Options
Add German Language
*Bug fixes

The ADV Screen Recorder Use Guide
how to use The ADV Screen Recorder

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