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Fruit Ninja is fun, simple addictive game and very famous in the world.Fruit Ninja have Arcade,Zen and Classic mode that makes you addictive to kill some time. ,and the arcade mode is very well!

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Fruit Ninja by over 3532K mobiles and have ratings of 4.4/5 based on 165K votes in which 2350K have given 5/5, whereas 233K have given 1/5.

Classic mod also always feels like a tutorial level every time. Stick with arcade, it’s definitely the best. Zen Mode is for the more relaxed gamer: no bombs and no lives to lose, just a 90-second fruit fest. The Arcade mode version of Fruit Ninja is fast and furious. Here bombs simply cost you points and hitting forzen fruits slows everything up to allow you to slash your way to more points in the alloted 90 seconds.

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We’ve tightened up the menu flow so you can spend even more time doing what you do best: delivering sweet, juicy justice to fruit!
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