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My Measures is a powerful application that is capturing photos and annotating them with dimensions, angles, text boxes, and other useful information.

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My Measures by over 715k mobiles and have ratings of 4.2/5 based on 1.4K votes in which 93K have given 5/5, whereas 0.3K have given 1/5.

My Measures in the world has more than 300k users, has become a real estate agent industry standards.
Engineers, carpenter, architect, auction sellers, construction workers, landscape designers, DIY…

store dimensions on a photo
add arrows, angles and text
organize photos/files in folders
easy multiple folder and file sharing
export photo with dimension to photo library
send photo with dimensions via email
supported portrait and landscape orientation
metric and imperial units: meters, centimeters, millimeters, inches, feet and yards and fractions!
Laser meter Leica Disto D8 supported (depends on phone connectivity)

My Measures & Dimensions Download APK 1.0.15
What is New OF My Measures

WHAT’S NEW 1.0.15
Fixed licensing bug

My Measures Use Guide
how to use My Measures

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