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Runtastic Heart Rate can pass on your phone camera very accurately measure your Heart Rate! This app have beautiful interface, powerful, price $0.99.

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Features: WHAT'S NEW Use Video
The use of the app is very simple, and the index finger gently on the back of the phone’s camera, the app will automatically open the flash start measuring, remember don’t too hard, the pressure will make the circulation of the blood velocity changes which affect the measurement result.

* Unlimited measurements: Determine your heart rate anytime, anywhere & as often as you like
* Use filters: Filter your measurements according to type (resting HR, pre-& post-workout HR, maximum HR)
* Graphs to monitor your progress: Monitor how your resting heart rate develops
* Reminder: Receive automatic notifications for regular HR measurements
* No ads

What is New OF Runtastic Heart Rate
New in Runtastic Heart Rate 2.0:
* Enjoy the new Material Design when taking your heart rate measurements
* Analyze your past measurements with improved graphics & statistics in the history section.
Runtastic Heart Rate Use Guide
how to use Instant Heart Rate

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