EzPDF Reader PRO CRACKED Downlad


EzPDF Reader PRO is the best buy and best rated pdf view app, now we provide EzPDF Reader PRO CRACKED free Downlad.

what EzPDF Reader PRO CRACKED can do

  1. Text marking supported with continuous alternative – Highlights, Underline, Strike-through – colour and opacity may be changed
  2. Pen (vector data) and Brush (image) capabilities supported with all the color, opacity, thickness control
  3. Sticky-Note (selection for shape and color) and Textbox (choice for text size, border thickness, colour) capabilities to add text annotation
  4. Line, arrows, circle and rectagle tools for drawing a diagram
  5. Flatten an annotation
  6. In a position to list annotations by annotation varieties
  7. Able to search annotations
  8. Import / Export annotations / kind fileds
  9. PDF Form to fill in, verify buttons, and choose from a list
  10. Clear kind fields
  11. Flatten all kind fields
  12. Display a list of attached files
  13. Develop a PDF File for note taking (Supply file name, size in pixel, number of pages)
  14. Add a blank web page (remove function not supported)
  15. Assistance Night Mode for PDF and Text Reflow
  16. Text-to-Speech (TTS) supported (Device should have a proper TTS engine and voice data)
  17. Rotate a PDF web page
  18. Crop PDF to eliminate margin region; reversible
  19. Auto Page Turn (in secs) for slide presentation or Auto Scroll (up a screen complete)
  20. Take a snapshot of page

EzPDF Reader PRO CRACKED Downlad


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