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ezPDF Reader PRO is the best pdf read app ,support ezPDF Reader.

  • Price:Free
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  • Language:English
  • Size:17.10 MB
  • Updated:2014-08-27

ezPDF Reader PRO details

Text Reflow Resizing (Pinch), Page Scroll (can be extracted from the text alone and to fit the screen browsing, support multi touch zoom, and page scrolling)
Auto Fit Zoom (adaptive zoom)
Trackball Supported (support the trackball)
Select Text from PDF; Save, Surf, Share (you can select the PDF text in the save and share)
Hyperlinks (support hyperlink)
Horizontal Scroll Lock (horizontal scroll lock)
Open Password-protected File (open encrypted PDF file)
Bookmarks w/List (support bookmarks and browsing the list)

ezPDF Reader PRO download

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