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Ice Box PRO is very useful app to freeze and store the apps you not use frequently and hide from desktop.Click icon in the Ice Box , can thaw and run. Lock screen after a few minutes, will automatically be frozen again. So you can prevent them to steal steal traffic in the background.Ice Box Pro Apk Download
NOTE:Ice Box PRO requires Root permissions

The Ice Box PRO Download Mobile Download

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Features: WHAT'S NEW
Ice Box PRO Features:
1. Run App.
2. Freeze/Defrost app.
3. View App’s system detail.
4. Open on Google Play.
5. Uninstall.

What is New OF The Ice Box PRO
What is NEW
1, fix some Bug.
2, is to increase the desktop plug-in, easy to thaw and run the selected program.
3, four digit password lock.
4, repair and performance improvement


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