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Send Anywhere is an app you can share files,photos anywhere and all devices.But the only drawback is that you need have network. with this app you can share files any device or backup your photos or send your photos to computer.this is the highest rated app .This is the best files shareing and transfer app ,high recommend.

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Send Anywhere downloaded by over 5,000K mobiles and have ratings of 4.5/5 based on 138K votes in which 19K have given 5/5, whereas 1K have given 1/5.

Fully supports Android, Non-Android mobile OS, All PC platforms, Chrome Extension, and a web browser

No limited
Send any file type, of any size, as many times as you want. There are no limits on how much you can send and it is totally free.
photos, texts, audios, videos, apps, contacts, files/folders, etc.

What is New OF Send Anywhere 5.4.23
We’ve simplified UI steps. (Just like previous version. Soory for the confusion!)
– After selecting your files to send, now you will directly see the standby screen for the transfer.
– If the receiving device is not ready or if you want to share those files to multibple receipents, tap “upload & share” button to use our 24hr instant storage.
Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements.
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