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Titanium backup is dedicated to the Android system backup for the development of a APP, can according to the settings and needs, the whole system or APP backup and restore, to avoid misoperation caused by damage to the system and APP damage. It can not only backup mobile app, but also save each app data.very powerful,Reducing the recovery system for the time, is currently the most powerful app for backup, need root permission to run.

Titanium backup (titanium backup Pro) released version 7.1.2, professional version added support for the latest Google drive API, an increase of support for Samsung multi window “mode. Titanium backup Titanium Backup is one of the most powerful tools and system backup program.

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Features: WHAT'S NEW Use Video

Features Of Titanium backup

* no time limit
* fast loading program list (about 300 programs per second)
* by name / last backup / backup frequency order
* by name / type / status / program label filtering program (equally effective in batch operation)
* backup / restore routine and settings
* backup / restore the protected program and set
* backup / restore system settings (including Wi-Fi access point list)
At the same time * recovery program recovery link electronic market
* zero click background batch backup
* interactive batch recovery
* many batch programs (such as: from the last backup over N days)
* zero click uninstall program
* zero click uninstall program system
* desktop widgets
* every week or half a scheduled backup (test)

Pro version Features:

* attach your name
* (multiple copies of each program can choose the length of History)
* zero click background batch recovery
* full backup batch check
* fast HyperShell
* market doctors can restore any lost electronic market links (only the backup link support program)
* program to freeze without unloading will disable the program (and make it not visible)
* unlimited, independent backup plan
* synchronous custom tag to the SD card and Dropbox

Titanium Backup MoDaCo SuperSu_v7.1.2 Titanium Backup MoDaCo_v7.1.2 Titanium Backup PRO SuperSu_v7.1.2 Titanium Backup PRO_v7.1.2
What is New OF The Titanium backup
VERSINO 11.0.3:
Added support for Samsung Multi Window mode.

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