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BusyBox is a standard Linux tools a single executable implementation. BusyBox contains a few simple tools, such as cat and echo, also contains some of the larger, more complex tools, such as grep, find, mount and Telnet. Some people called the BusyBox Linux tools in the Swiss army knife. Simple said BusyBox is like a big toolbox, it integrated many tools and compressing the Linux command.

BusyBox Pro
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Features: WHAT'S NEW Use Video
BusyBox Pro version contains no advertising or nag screen, backup function (for safety) installation, uninstall app,Advance Smart install feature, hand to take the applet you want security checks on the beginning of the lack of small programs and the ability to better overall support.

The source for this application could be found right here: https://code.google.com/p/busybox-android/

Featured around the BusyBox website at: http://busybox.net/products.html

The BusyBox supply code is usually identified here: http://git.busybox.net/busybox/


What is New OF The BusyBox

Many, many new applets added.

Other Bug fixes

I’m still working to get other bugs fixed. However, the battery drain was most important.

The BusyBox Use Guide
What is Busybox and How to Install it?

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