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SB Game Hacker is the best and most powerful game modifier. SB Game Hacker is a green app ,easy to user( notice : need root access). sb gmae hack by modify the running game memory data, to modify the game of money, blood, score, and the score and the number of props, attack, defense, magic parameter values.

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Features: Use Video

how to use SB Game Hacker:

1. Click Modify floater switch to modify the interface and in the input box input you want to modify the game attributes value (gold / blood / score / strength… The current value of the;
2 Click the search button, search results will display search results;
3 click continue search to return the game, play a moment, until the game’s property values change after entering the modifier;
4 numerical search after the change of input;
5 if the search results more, continue to third steps;
6 when the search results are less (less than 20 results), you can try to search out the data alone modified or batch modify;
7 to return to the game, refresh the game page, can see if the modification is successful.

The SB Game Hacker Use Guide
how to use The SB Game Hacker

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