GPS Test Plus V1.2.4 Free Download


GPS Test Plus (GPS test) show the GPS information from your phones internal GPS, this App is powerfull, let you have a deeper understanding of GPS!

GPS Test Plus v1.2.4
    • version: v1.2.4
    • Size: 1.2M
    • Charge: Full Paid
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AndroiTS GPS Test Pro v1.46 Pro Mobile Download
GPS Test Plus is a friendly interface and gorgeous GPS test and enhancement tools, can be obtained from the GPS receiver and display information, including satellite each visible range and the received signal strength, as well as the user’s location and time as before.
The main function of:
– support to open and close GPS
– support removal and update the AGPS information to enhance the positioning function of GPS
– support HUD (head up display) function
– support cycle switching function view and the size of the
– support the display of each satellite azimuth and received signal strength

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