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AnTuTu Benchmark is a specifically for mobile, tablets for performance test. AnTuTu Benchmark is one of the necessary app installed, through which you can get the accurate equipment hardware information and equipment performance score. AnTuTu Benchmark includes “Memory Performance”, “CPU Integer Performance”, “CPU Floating Point Performance”, “2D 3D Graphics Performance”, “SD card read-write speed”, “Database IO” performance testing. AnTuTu Benchmark APK Download

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Features: WHAT'S NEW

AnTuTu Benchmark is a very famous and good app for you know your mobile. this app have over 100,000,000 users and rated 4.6 out of 5 star by 857,588 !
AnTuTu Benchmark Features:
1. User Experience (UX) ?C General device functionality with detailed scores.
2. CPU Tests ?C Measures the energy in the CPU, and gives tough numbers for its actual overall performance.
3. CPU Single Test– Measures the power of CPU by operating CPU single test algorithms.
4. RAM Tests ?C Investigate the real processing capability from the RAM.
5. GPU Tests ?C Measure the functionality of genuine graphics processing, 3D effects, games, and video playing.
6. I/O Tests ?C A direct score that reflects around the actual input/output (I/O) efficiency your technique permits.

What is New OF The AnTuTu Benchmark
What is NEW
1. Add sensor model information.
2. Add more screen test items.
3. Add 64-bit test for 64-bit Android.
4. Support translucent navigation and status bars (Android 4.4 and above).
5. Support identified the NVIDIA Denver.
6. Support for Android TV.
7. Fixed 2D test crash on ZenFone devices.
8. Update Russian, Korean, Turkish translate.
AnTuTu Benchmark APK

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