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RAM Manager Pro can optimize the memory /RAM of all Android devices, to give you a better system performance. Different from other memory management tools, Manager RAM is not to force to stop / close / kill memory in the process / service / cache, but by modifying the RAM distribution mechanism to achieve the optimal effect, that is, by changing the system’s own configuration to optimize, not only to the stability of the system, but also the background operation, more energy saving. Due to the need to modify the system file, so RAM Manager Pro need ROOT .

Ram Manager Pro
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Features: WHAT'S NEW
RAM Manager Pro informations
YOU are now download RAM Manager Pro 8.0.8 .notice if want this app working ,you nedd root you mobile.
RAM Manager Pro Features:
1. Balance – Option which optimizes your RAM to the best balance, this choice is for everyday use. Use this solution if you would like to have rapidly device without any lags.
2. Much more free of charge memory – This solution is on the similar basis as Balance, but offers you far more free of charge memory as well as a bit reduces multitasking.
3. Extra multitasking – This alternative is on the same basis as Balance, but provides you additional multitasking and a bit reduces totally free memory.
4. Tough gaming – Option which optimizes your RAM for playing by far the most demanding games. Your games will run smooth devoid of lags.
5. Really hard multitasking – Option for users who’re definitely hard operating on their devices and need to switch in between apps incredibly rapidly. You’ll be able to have a large amount of operating apps and rapidly switch in between them without having any lags.
6. Default – This alternative reverts your RAM for your default settings, which you had just before you installed this app.
7. Custom – This selection makes it possible for you to set your own settings.
8. Lock launcher in memory – Prevents restarting your launcher.
9. Clean memory – Cleans your memory.
10. Clean drop caches – Cleans page cache, dentries and inodes.
11. VM Heap size – It is a maximal size in MB which application can use for its data.
12. Swap file – Improves efficiency by enlarging your memory.
13. Memory information – Shows data of the memory.
14. Memory graph – Shows your current memory usage.
15. Widget – It is possible to select in between light or dark theme.

What is New OF The RAM Manager Pro

Version 8.0.8

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