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GravityBox is a dependent Xposed framework supports universal system Settings DIY tools, this app support 4.1+. the status bar icon beautification, time support center display, digital power, the transparency of the global open, hidden SIM card tips and display, increase the advanced power, modified shortcut dropdown menu, simple, open virtual key function, bring their own savior, shut down menu add screenshot function, old CRT TV GuanBing effects, restore the developer, lock screen fast starting, etc

NOTE: GravityBox [MM] 6.0.1 – Minimum Android version: Android 6.0+

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how to use GravityBox
After installing GravityBox, enter the Xposed framework – application module, check the GravityBox, restart the phone to complete the module guide.

What is New OF The GravityBox


Uploader’s notes:
1. Lockscreen:
— reworked and optimized Quick Unlock feature (limited to work only with PINs/passwords with up to 6 characters)
— Shortcuts: don’t allow unsafe GB actions (connectivity/location related) when device locked
— Shortcuts: dynamically show/hide unsafe GB actions based on current lock screen security state
— Shortcuts: don’t offer GB actions which don’t make sense in lock screen context (kill app, switch to last app, …)
— Shortcuts: offer GravityBox Unlock action
— Shortcuts: dismiss lockscreen for certain GB actions (Google Now, Show recent apps)
2. QuickSettings management:
— NFC Tile is back
— LockScreen Tile is back
— improved security logic
— fixed secured tiles showing when lock screen activity is in the foreground (such as Camera)
— NetworkModeTile: fixed for devices having TD-SCDMA default network mode preset in build.prop
– GravityBox Actions: fixed Google Now action
– Pie: fixed Search key crashing SystemUI
– AppLauncher: don’t show unsafe GB actions (connectivity/location related) when device locked
3. TrustedWifi:
— adjusted for compatibility with devices running newer Android 6.0 release (N5X, N6P, …)
— fixed manual re-lock not working when trusted WiFi enabled
4.Media: unlink ring & notification volumes feature is back
– PowerMenu: replaced “Factory reset” dialog title when rebooting to recovery
– Dialer: fixed action buttons invisible during call (when full screen caller photo enabled)
5. Ultimate notification control:
— fixed and optimized disabling touch sounds during QuietHours
— fixed ActiveScreen
– Fixed typo in Turkish translations (Backup successful)
– Updated Hungarian translations (thanks to benjoe1)

The GravityBox Use Guide
GravityBox Apk – What is it ? – How to Install
Xposed Installer: Gravity Box and App Settings

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