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Root Explorer is a root file manager app, need Root your Mobile. New folder, view/edit files, app installation, Root Explorer possess the basic function of ordinary file manager, also add the function of search, to find things on the mobile phone has become more convenient. Root Explorer, moreover, the biggest characteristic is that it can remove applications in mobile phones, such as Google map ,CONTACTS, MARKET, Google talk… How do you want to delete is how to delete it . Root Explorer is sale $3.99 on google play .now you can download it free .

Root Explore
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Features: WHAT'S NEW Use Video
Root Explorer is root file manager, after get Root access to system files, can say is the best Android Root file manager.

Features of Root Explorer:
1. five file sort: name, date of ascending / descending ascending / descending, ascending / descending type, size
2. Calculate the MD5 value of the file, view the file type MIME, read / read and write access to the system partition mount
3. change the owner / user group of the file and folder, create the main screen shortcut for the file / folder
4. setup file and folder read / write / execute permissions and special permissions (SUID/SGID/SBIT)
5. bookmarks and home features: the directory is set to bookmarks or home page, easy to quickly open the folder
6. operation, view and edit text files and SQLite database files for system files
7. view / extract / create Zip/Tar/Gzip file, and view and extract the RAR file
8. Multi – Document Management: copy, move, delete, compression, delete system with application
9. display the icon of the hidden file and folder, the image thumbnail, and the display APK file
10. sets the open mode of a particular file type (equivalent to the file association)
11. common file management features, fully customizable list icons
12. three list view: simple list, detailed list, Icon
13. support network (SMB), Google hard drive, Box, etc.

What is New OF The Root Explorer

version: v3.3.5
Improved archive extraction to SD card in Lollipop
Fix for problem opening text files in /data/misc
Other miscellaneous fixes

The Root Explorer Use Guide
how to use The Root Explorer

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