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SD Maid pro is a powerful systems clean tool .SD Maid can clean donload fields,temporary apk files,creates logs, crash reports and debug files and so on .App can speed up your android phone upto 2X

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Features: WHAT'S NEW Use Video
what SD Maid pro can do :

1. Storage overview
2. . Root explorer & search
3. Find & remove left over files from uninstalled apps
4. Freeze, Uninstall, Export or kill apps
5. Toggle autstart entries
6. Find & delete common unnecessary files
7. Clean applications by removing various cache files without loosing any data
8. Find & delete duplicate files
9. Overview over biggest files/directories on your device
10. Optimize your SQL databases
11. Show last modified files

What is New OF The SD Maid pro

Databases & languages
Fixed issues when editing custom filters

The SD Maid pro Use Guide
how to use The SD Maid pro

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