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Spartan Browser PRO

Sparta ™ – super-fast ,small Web browser ,and the file only 1.89M, but can meet you almost needs.
Optimization for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, yahoo and Google
“Would rule them” – imagine, found the perfect Internet and a web browser; Fast, elegant, easy to use! No further Sparta offers like that; Find out why the world more than 5 + one hundred million people like to use our free Internet access and a web browser!
Sparta ™ function
? Super – fast: access to the Internet faster and improve the start and page load time
? Incognito mode: browse the Internet/web without your record is saved
? : Integrated search engine Google, bing, yahoo, almost, baidu, another dual and Android search
? SpartanUI: enhanced so you can surf the Internet/network are more likely to have larger buttons and layout is clear
? Social: Sparta effect is very good with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn because of our special SN integration
? Safe and secure: Spartan Web browser lets you use the AT session security
? Tabbed browsing: the improved label, browsing is integrated as a touch on the road
? AdobeFlash player and Java: all use the same browser its built-in ™ engine
? the Size: 1.89 MB, we cut down a lot of it does not use ordinary web surfers means there are fewer loading, the equivalent of a faster browsing experience

Spartan Browser v3.2.0.1d PRO


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